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Maximizing returns, minimizing stress

From international individuals spanning multiple countries to Americans in Germany, our streamlined 
e-services reduce cross-border tax stress, ensure international tax compliance and maximize financial advantages in both Germany and the US.



We provide expats and Americans in Germany with a language advantage. Our professionals and team members are all fluent in English and will ensure conversation is on point.



Our team members – both professionals and regular staff fully consists of individuals who have lived and worked abroad. They understand your situation and are working hard towards making your tax journey smooth



We guarantee undivided attention to your tax needs. Our specialized expertise makes sure no tax challenge, from NATO-SOFA complexities to other cross-border intricacies goes unanswered.



We support US troops and former US Military with a 10% Military Discount and fight unsubstantiated claims from German tax offices regarding NATO and US service.

Our services

Provide tax consulting services for 
Germany and the US

Moving, working and filing taxes in the U.S. or Germany involves complex tax issues. We can guide you through the entire process or address specific tax concerns related to your international life and work, drawing on our extensive experience and knowing where to find the answers.


Filing tax returns for Americans in Germany

As a U.S. citizen, you must report worldwide income to the
IRS annually, even if you live abroad. Marcel specializes in assisting expatriate US citizens by simplifying their US tax returns, including income from Germany and other countries. Together, we provide a one-stop solution for Americans in Germany, handling both US and German taxes, reducing the need for multiple firms and document submissions.

Filing tax returns for expats in Germany

Regardless of your nationality and the reasons why you are in Germany, you will need to file a German tax return from the first calendar year you are in the country or at least have income that originates from Germany. Our tax expert Georg is familiar with almost all aspects of living and working abroad and can help you convert your foreign income and tax documents to the German equivalents and file them in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you’re an expatriate, a global entrepreneur or an international investor, our experienced professionals will ensure that your tax strategies are tailored to your unique circumstances.


How the taxperts work

We simplify cross-border taxes with cloud-based services, offering 20-minute €185 consultations for an effective assessment. Once you have confidence in our services, submit engagement documents, ID and a tax questionnaire through our portal. They’ll review it and get to work, asking for clarifications as needed.
When the final draft is ready, we review it for accuracy. Upon approval, we’ll e-file your return, including supporting documentation if necessary.

Who we are - The Taxperts

Georg Weishaupt

Georg Weishaupt

Owner and Managing Partner
Steuerberater, Fachberater Internationales Steuerrecht

I am a German licensed tax advisor (Steuerberater), holding a specialization in international tax law (Fachberater Internationales Steuerrecht). 
I earned degrees in finance, accounting, and taxation from the universities in Munich and Eichstätt.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on the taxation 
of international individuals, predominantly Americans. Drawing from over ten years of experience in international tax departments with Big-4 and mid-size consulting firms, I have honed my expertise in this field.

I have contributed to the field by publishing articles on the tax tripwires related to global mobility and the tax intricacies of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. Additionally, I have had the privilege of delivering guest lectures at Ingolstadt College, various professional gatherings, and AB Ramstein.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in spending time with my family and friends, engaging in activities such as hunting and fishing, and enjoying outdoor pursuits, preferably in the beautiful Bavarian countryside. I also dedicate my time to volunteering at US Army installations in Bavaria.

Actively involved in the Bavarian-American Friendship Club – bamFC.

Marcel Eichner

Enrolled Agent, Owner

I am Enrolled Agent and therefore have full rights to represent clients before the IRS. Working on German soil I am registered with the local authorities as well (Munich District Court – legal services supervision). I earned my bachelor’s degree in German accounting and taxation from the University of Hagen and studied at the University of Illinois. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on the taxation of American international individuals living abroad. Working for a Big-4 company implementing FATCA at German financial institutions I know very well which information the IRS receives from the banks. I always worked with a strong focus on international taxation at smaller firms as well. Outside of my professional life, I like spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel, predominantly the Caribbean, lived in Panama and Nicaragua and love activities like sailing, snorkeling and fishing. I am actively involved in the Bavarian-American Friendship Club – bamFC.

Marcel Eichner

Experts guidance

Reserve your 20-minute consultation with Georg or Marcel for effective assessment. Clarify your questions and understand the cross-border taxes with cloud-based services for €185.

The short way to your taxperts

Instantly secure your taxpert services through their client portal – complete all necessary procedures with just a few steps.

How we price

We understand that you want to know how much the taxperts will cost you. It is impossible to give you a dependable quote upfront, as this depends on the scope and depth of services. Considering a US W-2 in a normal German tax return is less intense than assessing the risks of exit taxation in a multi-treaty environment or documenting an intent to return under NATO-SOFA.

However, we can promise the following:

  1. Any tax return we file– whether it is a German or a US one – will be treated as a case with minimal to average complexity. This is due to the fact that international individuals are our specialty and we are extremely versed in their situation.

  2. Any hour-based consulting project we engage in, will focus on the essentials and our product will be straight-forward.

  3. In case you have donated to bamFC – we will give you a 50% credit for the amount donated on your invoice.

  4. If you or your spouse have served honorably in the US Armed Forces, we will give you a 10% Military Discount.

Given the above it is our experience, that the vast majority of our clients with tax filing needs end up in a price range between €700 – €1,400 on the German side. On the US side the range varies typically from €500 – €1,200. Of course, on both side there are cases that are over and some are under. Germany tends to be a bit more expensive than the US. This is due to the fact, that in Germany tax services are a highly regulated industry, which has its own billing code, charging certain mandatory items and minimum fees which cannot be ignored.

If you have further questions about how we bill for our services feel free to book a consultation. If you feel like you are ready to enlist our services, please go straight to our client portal.

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